Reduced Rifle Loads. h4895 Reduced Rifle Load. Trail Boss Reduced Rifle Load.. The shotshell data section offers a wide selection of target and field loads. There have been a number of changes and modifications in ... Never substitute smokeless powder for black powder. 8. Never use IMR powder data for any other powder types with similar numerical designations. 9. Keep powder away from heat and open flames. 10MM Load Data. 47 powders, 85 bullets, 865 loads. Load blog. 10mm bullet library. Legend / Procedure / Disclaimer. 10mm Master Load File - 772 Glock G20.4 Lone Wolf 5.15" / 5.2" Comp loads, 71 G20.4 stock barrel loads (4.8Mb) 10mm bullet-by-powder load chart. Results from individual chrono sessions (all data contained in master file above) 07. "/>Imr target powder reloading data