INCONCLUSIVE – Defined by Penal Code section 11165.12(c) to mean circumstances where child abuse or neglect are determined not to be unfounded, as defined, but the findings are inconclusive and there is insufficient evidence to determine whether child abuse or neglect, as defined, has occurred. 2. CPS will provide up to 18 months of services for a child and their families if the child is removed from the home and they are working towards reunification. If the services do not alleviate the issues, then CPS will provide the child with a more permanent living arrangement. In a worst-case scenario, CPS may terminate one’s parental rights. inconclusive cps report california annihilator xl broadheads March 26, 2022. mount daniel elementary school staff 11:36 pm. PDF Health and Social Services Child Abuse Reporting. "/>Inconclusive cps report california