RG223: 0.90mm SPC conductor, Double 95% SPC braid, 5.30mm PVC Jacket: 50+/-2: 10-11000: N Type Male, TNC Male Right angle : RG58C/U. Attenuation (@20 ℃) Frequency .... RG-58 is likely to have a black PVC outer jacket that's got a slight amount of rubbery grip to it. RG-316's jacket is going to be tan in color and much more slippery. The consequence of this is that RG-316 is more likely to make itself annoying by slipping off the bench. 4. level 2. Search: Lmr195 Vs Rg8x. com/N-Male-Crimp-Connector-Micro-8-U-RG8X Are you looking for a quick and easy installation or TNC Male Plug Crimp for RG58 RG142 RG400 RFC195 Cable RF Coaxial Connector Pack of 10 RG-8X Sealed coax cable jumper - type n male to PL-259 crimp on connectors RG58, LMR-100 and LMR-200 all have 50 Ohm impedance, a weather. "/>Rg223 vs rg58