PRIME Z590-P. GitHub. Asus Prime Z590-P. GitHub. ASUS PRIME B460M K 10700 RADEON RX 5500 XT-4G. GitHub. ASUS PRIME Z490-P i7 10700K. GitHub. ... tonymacx86论坛 .... I've been running a Gigabyte Vision D, 10900k, Sapphire 5700XT Nitro+ since last September. Updated from Catalina to Big Sur and along the way from OpenCore 0.6.1 to the current 0.6.6. Always stable, everything works (don't use TB much , only had an old firewire raid array that i use with adapters). If you want to save yourself a headake, go .... Search: Asus Motherboard Hackintosh. About Hackintosh Motherboard Asus . Intel 9th/8th generation Core processor, two DDR4 memory modules with up to 64 GB capacity, four M. "/>Tonymacx86 z590